Your Jewelry Ceremony

Your Jewelry Ceremony


Historically, jewelry has been worn as a ritual action. Whether to celebrate a right of passage, or provide protection to its wearer, it was used for more than an adornment.

Jewelry is a symbol- of status, of one’s identity and intention.

It carries memories, energy, wishful thinking, and can have a strong impact on the who wears it.

Zozi’s founding elements, inspired by natural shapes and ancient symbols, provide a world, yet leave room for your own personal expression and interpretation.

Create your own jewelry ceremony with Zozi's jewelry to attract your heart’s desire- happiness, prosperity, freedom, passion, courage, and balance.

This is your space to set your own intentions.

Take the time to reflect and put on your jewelry mindfully.

Think about what you want it to mean for you,

What energy you want it to have,

What purpose you want it to fulfill.

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