PALMA Ear Jacket Earrings
These edgy gold ear jacket earrings are a statement piece, inspired by the palm branch. Worn with a dressy or casual outfit - they are sure to get you noticed!Get these unique front-back earrings to add a trendy, contemporary, and...
from $55
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GREEK GODDESS Feather Threader Earrings
This pair of long gold threader earrings with a leaf hanging at the bottom is unique and chic!It was designed envisioning a Greek goddess rising out of the sea - elegant, classy, feminine, radiant, and mesmerizing.Get these long leaf threader...
from $75
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ASHANTI Gold Ear Jacket Earrings
Stylish, unique spike gold ear jacket that is edgy yet feminine. Wear as: 1) A single ear jacket (with its post) on the right or left ear 2) An asymmetrical pair - one ear jacket (with its post) and a...
from $130
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Art Deco Earrings
This pair of diamond shaped Art Deco earrings are show stoppers! Their geometric lines play with the light hitting them, like a diamond, adding sparkle to your look. - Packed in a lovely gift box ready to give - Ships...
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POD Cuff Bracelet
This large wide cuff bracelet is an impressive statement piece of jewelry.It has a bold design, almost as if it belongs to an amazon woman or a superwoman. Get this extra-large gold bracelet to create a wow effect and an...
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SURI Tassel Threader Earring
These are unique long threader earrings, with multiple elements combined to create the rich luxurious design.The thread threads through your ear, with silver hematite, a spike arrowhead pendant, and a colorful cotton tassel hanging down. Truly impressive earrings that will...
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Ashanti Stud Earrings
These unique gold stud earrings are inspired by the woman warriors of the ancient Ashanti empire in Africa- fierce and powerful, leaders of their community.Add these statement gold stud earrings to your jewelry collection, to upgrade every outfit you own...
from $60
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ASHANTI Cuff Bracelet
This cuff bangle bracelet is open on top with arrow head ends.It combines tribal style with a trendy contemporary minimalist look. This arrow cuff is part of my Ashanti collection, which celebrates a womans' fierceness and power.The Ashanti collection, featuring...
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This stylish and feminine Y-shaped lariat necklace has a double-sided leaf pendant that is hanging from a unique delicate long chain.It is seductive & elegant and makes an impressive fashionable statement. Great to wear with a simple plain shirt or...
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SURI Threader Earrings
Striking geometric threader earrings shaped as an arrow head - Made of sterling silver, available in 24k plated gold as well - Stone discs are hematite - Length of chain is 3.5 inches including the post (8.9 cm) - The...
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Fallen Leaves Lariat Necklace
Long lariat necklace featuring two descending leaf elements that move organically with you. The necklace fastens with a unique patented clasp which allows you to wear it in many ways and lengths.
from $140
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SURI Choker
An oxidized silver choker necklace for women, combining a black silver chain and a delicate gold or silver pendant shaped as an arrow head. - Chain is oxidized sterling silver, pendant is either silver or brass plated with gold, nickel...
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Double Hoop Oval Earrings
These long leaf-shaped hoop earrings are made of hammered wire shaped as double hoops- the upper is a circle stud post and the lower is a dangling oval teardrop hoop. These long leaf hoop earrings are made to upgrade your...
from $109
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Ashanti arrow ring
This unique crown ring is inspired by the women warriors of the Ashanti empire in Africa.The dominant element in this tribe is the spear or arrowhead.It is made to add a beautiful & empowering fashion statement to your outfit.Add this...
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Trumi Ear Climbers Earrings
These geometric triangle climber earrings are modern and chic. These gold triangle ear crawler climber earrings are unique gold jewelry pieces that will upgrade every outfit with style.These delicate triangle climber earrings are a great addition to your ear jewelry....
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Armour Ring
This extra-large long statement wing ring is so impressive.It has a bold kicking rock chic, proud and loud!Like golden armor - you can wear this long ring on every finger, on every part of it, including your pinky, and it...
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Suri Arrow Gemstone Necklace in 14K
This striking solid gold spear necklace is a statement piece. Sparkly spinel stones are combined with 14k beads and arrow head pendant to create this dramatic pieceThis design is part of my Suri collection inspired by African tribes, and is shaped to...
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Suri Arrow Necklace in 14K
This delicate solid gold spear necklace is chic and edgy and is a great style for him and her.This design is part of my Suri collection inspired by African tribes, and is shaped to resemble an arrowhead. Add this 14k gold arrow...
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ASHANTI Cuff Bracelet in 14k
This solid 14k gold arrow cuff bracelet is open on top with arrow head ends.It combines tribal style with a trendy contemporary minimalist look. This arrow cuff is part of my Ashanti collection, which celebrates a womans' fierceness and power.The...
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Greek Goddess Leaf Necklace in 14K
This delicate solid gold leaf necklace is elegant and feminine.It looks great as a minimalist leaf necklace if you want to create a clean, elegant look. It can also be layered with other necklaces to create a bold shiny rich...
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PALMA Ring in 14K
This unique 14k gold ring is a celebration of the beauty of nature.This light delicate ring is eye-catching and impressive.Get it to show your individual taste in a beautifully stylish way to be worn every day with every outfit!
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Lines Ring in 14K
This 14k gold wedding band is a classic wedding band with a twist.Its lovely texture and graceful half- round design are eye-catching and appealing, giving it its contemporary look.It is elegant, delicate, and impressive, and will look great with every...
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V Ring in 14K
This chevron ring is delicate, textured for a matted finish, and beautiful, made to upgrade your look with a shiny trendy feminine touch.Solid 14k yellow//rose//white gold.Width: 0.01" (3 mm)⋆ Packaging- Arrives in a lovely gift box, ready to be given...
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India Ring in 14K
This spiral wrap ring is open on top, wraps around your finger in a lovely spiral, and really 'dresses' up your hand.It is a perfect jewelry piece for those who like to stand out in a crowd, and make a...
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