Panama necklace
A long beaded boho necklace, inspired by the Native American people. Take it on your exotic vacation or wear it on an oversize T-shirt.   After visiting central Americas' indigenous tribes, I was inspired to create this necklace The spear...
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Phoenix Wings Earrings
Inspired by the Phoenix mythological bird- these really glam up your look the moment you put them on!The phoenix is a powerful symbol, representing the sun, dying every night to be reborn at dawn. Wear it with a beaten-down t-shirt,...
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Silver Multi Layered Bracelet
Silver layered bracelet, made with leather and metal, combining multi chains. - Standard size when closed- 7.25 inches (18.4 cm)- fits S-M wrist sizes - Adjustments can be made for larger wrists upon request - Easy to wear and close...
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Samburu Tassel Earrings
Large tassel earrings combining red tassels and turquoise beads- the ultimate bohemian earrings to make a statement with this summer. - Materials- the stud is made of brass plated with 24k gold nickel free, the post is sterling silver -...
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PHOENIX Leather Earrings
The Leather and gold wings are combined to form a stunning pair of phoenix wings that will glam up your look.You can detach the leather wing from the gold to wear just as gold wings earrings- having 2 in 1....
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