A little girl walking around a local market in Ivory Coast with my mother, picking up jewelry from local artisan stands. That is how I first fell in love with jewelry.
Growing up in places like Africa, Israel and Canada, as well as traveling in exotic locations such as Asia, South and Central America, these places give me endless inspiration.
I studied silver smithing at The Technological Center for Jewelry Making in Tel Aviv. I also studied in India, working alongside a local silver smith teacher. That was such an inspiring experience, after which I decided to open my own jewelry business, calling it by my nick-name 'Zozi'.
I now live in Jaffa, with my hubby and my two beautiful kids. While I do not travel as much as I used to before family life, I let my imagination take me to inspiring and exotic places.


My designs are a fusion of influences and cultures. They are imprinted onto my jewelry by my experiences and inspirations. Growing up in Africa, Israel and Canada, and traveling around the world, especially developing countries, groomed my fascination with ancient cultures.

I love exploring primitive shapes, symbols, textures and patterns. Out of these I develop something new- my creation, my expression. I love working with natural materials- semi precious stones, mother of pearl, feathers and leather. I particularly enjoy experimenting with metal and leather. Blending the hardness of one with the flexibility of the other is an endless source of creative expression for me.

As much as I take pleasure from creating jewelry, I enjoy the pleasure it gives to the woman wearing it. My jewelry is intended to make the woman wearing it feel feminine, empowered, beautiful and confident in who she is.

I hope you enjoy my creations and please stop by again, since I'm continuously updating my shop with new creations.
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