• Foliage

    Growth | Authenticity | Harmony

    Landscapes, foliage, as well as any living organisms are continually reshaped and changed by nature, perfect in their imperfections, as they fulfill their potential in the universe.

    The leaf is an expression for living harmoniously with the inner world, as well as with the outside world.

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  • Horns

    Luck | Abundance | Victory 


    Horns are associated with good fortune, abundance, and fertility since ancient civilizations.

    The gods and goddesses of the ancient world were adorned with horns, giving them a majestic aura.

    As with horned animals, and the men who hunted them, horns have come to also represent strength and victory.

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  • Wings

    Freedom | Exploration | Wanderlust

    Wings are a symbol of freedom, as they enable wandering the earth from up above, exploring new places, discovering new possiblities and creating new perspectives.

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  • Snake

    Life Force | Transformation | Passion

    The power of the snake is the power we possess, the life force that moves us, the intelligence that keeps our bodies breathing, the libido that drives all of existence. 

    The spirit of the snake symbolizes rebirth, transformation and healing, as it sheds its skin and regenerates a new being.

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  • Spear

    Protection| Courage | Fierceness

    The spear represents a certain sturdiness that can withstand obstacles, protect and charge with courage to stand firm and hold our own.

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  • Sun & Moon

    Balance | Intuition | Life Cycles

    Opposite celestial forces working together in balance, enabling life and forming our life cycles.

    The Sun and the Moon have also come to symbolize different aspects of human consciousness such as intuition, creativity, and wisdom in many cultures.

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